The new technology that is about to launch in the UK: iPhone 7 Series

appleiphone63-820Apple has rooted itself in nearly all the corners of the world, people enjoy using all the new technologies that are launched from the Apple corp. one of the main reasons for the growth and the huge success of Apple in the world wide market is the series of the iPhones. These iPhones have become so popular that the demand of the iPhones has doubled in the past couple of years. Moreover the UK market is one such market which is growing and developing by every single day, also the demand of the iPhones from the UK market has increased over the passing time period. People here live a very classy lifestyle, unlike the US culture, the UK people are more cautious about their standards and royal lifestyle in the society.maxresdefault

So, because of this very reason the demand of the Apple phones have increased in the UK market and people have started to assume the iPhones as a bench mark for their standard in the society. Seeing all these factors Apple has decided that the new technology that is about to launch in the UK market is the iPhone 7 Series. The series has two different variants of the phone i.e.:

  1. iPhone 7
  2. iPhone 7 Plus

When it is going to launch in UK?iphone-7-3

The date has yet not been decided but rumors are there in the market that both these phones will be launched in month of September 2016. Moreover the specification and details made the market surprised because Apple has definitely raised the bar of features and quality with these phones. So let us see what is different with these two phones from Apple.

Features and some Specification offered by iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:iphone6s6splus_0

  1. It is expected that the iPhone 7 will be a 4.7inch phone and the iPhone 7 plus will be a 5.5 inch phone. So we can clearly say that the size of these two models differ and is larger from its older versions.
  1. There are rumors in the market that these iPhones have “no headphone jack” and conformations have started to come from different sources and leaked pictures of the phone. This may now allow the users to connect there iPhones via the Bluetooth and experience the ultimate audio experience of the phone.For-Apple-iPhone-7-Plus-Case-Wallet-Style-PU-Leather-Coque-For-iphone-7-plus-Cover.jpg_640x640
  1. The battery life was already been the plus point from the Apple but it is said that the battery life of the iPhone 7 Series will be more and better that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. So this will be a more beneficial deal to look for, as all the smart phones drain fast but the improved power battery will be a point of attraction for many users.
  1. It is possible that with the launch of these two variants the quality and the old level of the screen resolution will be left behind, as Apple is planning to make the screen pixels denser and with a high resolution capacity for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.